About KayVee Condo Management

KayVee Management Inc. is western Canada’s leading condominium specialty company based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. For over 17 years, KayVee Management has been taking care of both residential and commercial property management needs with the kind of experience and integrity that you can only expect from a leading management company.

When you hire KayVee Management, you don’t just hire a condominium manager. We have a condominium management team whose collective knowledge goes to work for you, regardless of the size of your condominium property. KayVee manages condominiums ranging from small town home complexes to large high-rise buildings, including commercial condominiums.

Our services range from full-service condominium management to partial contract services that are specific to your property. We customize our services to suit the unique requirements of each client, providing a superior level of expertise, on-site presence, and management services.

To ensure excellent service, we use a three-pronged approach:

  • Engage – we listen to clients so we can customize our services to their unique requirements;
  • Educate – we continually communicate with clients to share our knowledge and expertise with your condominium community, including ongoing seminars; and,
  • Excel – we provide superior customer service with our highly-trained staff ranging from condominium management specialists to on-site caretakers.

We invite you to contact us with any questions

or inquiries you may have.